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Decontamination cycles, validation and environmental control

Introducing the activities and competence of our Microbiology & Process Sterility Assurance team which intervenes at the early stages and continues its work onsite with the customer.

Alessandra Benassi
Marco De Bellis

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Meet our speakers

Alessandra Benassi
IMA Life Microbiology and Sterility Assurance
Alessandra holds a Pharmacy degree from the University of Bologna. She deals with sterility assurance within IMA Life and also follows the validation of VHP cycles in isolated aseptic lines. She joined IMA Life in 2013; previously she worked in the field of quality assurance in a pharmaceutical company.
Marco De Bellis
IMA Life Process Engineer Team Leader
Marco De Bellis has been with IMA since 2016. He has a Master’s degree in Chemical and Process Engineering from the University of Bologna. He works as Process Engineer Team Leader for aseptic technologies and is involved in isolator balancing and VPHP recipe development at the customer’s site.


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