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Data analytics

Insight into the initiatives being developed and digital solutions being deployed to monitor equipment and optimise process efficiency in a Pharma 4.0 Manufacturing world.

Dennis Posheluk
Annalisa Malfatto

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Meet our speakers

Dennis Posheluk
Technical Product Manager at Life North America
Dennis Posheluk is a Technical Product Manager/Associate Scientist at IMA Life North America Inc. Dennis completed his B.S. and M.S. in Mechanical Engineering at the University at Buffalo. His interests at IMA Life include fluid and heat transfer, mathematical modeling, and design optimization of spray freeze drying and lyophilization with controlled nucleation process.
Annalisa Malfatto
IMA Life Research & Development Manager
Annalisa completed her Master in Mechanical Engineering at Parma University. Before joining IMA Life, in 2021 she worked as a mechanical engineer in different companies belonging to the beverage industry and she spent more than 10 years as R&D manager with Tetra Laval group. At IMA Life Annalisa is R&D Director and she is in charge of the development of innovative technologies for injectable product filling in sterile conditions and new strategic digital roadmaps on connected machines for the entire IMA Life portfolio.


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