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Virtual Innovation Day • 10 June 2021

The event takes place from 10/06/2021 to 10/06/2021

IMA Active at the Virtual Innovation Day

IMA Active is pleased to take part in the Virtual Innovation Day promoted by Lonza , which will be held online on June 10, 2021.

Lonza Virtual Innovation Day, dedicated to Smart Innovation through Hybrid and 505(b)(2) Regulatory Pathways, will bring together industry experts for a deep dive into case studies and actionable insights for navigating pharmaceutical regulation with innovation.


  • Key considerations in the US 505(b)(2) and EU Hybrid (or alternative) application pathways
  • Encapsulation solutions for improved formulation and fixed dose combination
  • Manufacturing equipment to address the challenges linked to multiple product dosing


Angelo Airoldi, Product Manager for capsule fillers and tablet presses at IMA Active will give a presentation on “IMA capsule fillers for multiple dosing”:

In the last decade, interest in developing a combination of two or more Active Pharmaceutical Ingredients (API) in a single dosage form has increased in the pharmaceutical industry for a variety of reasons: patent extension, therapeutic optimization, marketing to name a few.

Multi product dosing in the same capsule offers definitive advantages: it enables the controlled delivery of API with pre-determined release profiles by combining different product shapes, or by combining slow-release with immediate-release products. Moreover, capsules containing different products can also improve patient compliance by reducing the number of daily doses required and simplifying regimens providing greater patient convenience.

But with the many advantages of multi product dosing, the batch and campaign size are smaller and smaller. When dosing 2 or more products into the same capsule, it is fundamentally important to implement gravimetric weight checking system which enables to control the right amount of each product since the first capsule is filled. Complex learning cycles and time spending settings determine high product losses, which become more and more relevant in case of small batches and small campaigns.

Versatility and modularity are therefore more and more important for a capsule filler. IMA Adapta machines are prearranged for today’s or future dosing of hundreds different product combinations.

The presentation will provide attendees with an opportunity to see the technical solutions available and to understand how to address the various challenges linked to multiple product dosing.

Follow the event that will be live on June 10, 2021 from 03:00 to 05:00 PM CET.

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"IMA capsule fillers for multiple dosing" Presentation

Speaker: Angelo Airoldi • Product Manager for capsule fillers and tablet presses at IMA Active

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