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Step into the world of Croma.
Find out exactly what lies behind this exclusive innovation.

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Issue4: #innovative

Innovation is the key to change. The spark ignited by an idea ready to alter the daily behaviour of people around the world, in the most positive sense of the term. Every discovery – just like inventions – should help achieve this goal, making the upshot of technology as accessible as possible. In this issue of Croma Magazine we have set out to discover this aspect, and come up with some interesting stories.

Issue3: #compact

Taking less space, increasing the potentiality, raising the results and removing what is not needed: this is the value of compactness. In the history, every great invention has been rethought in a different way, although it would be more appropriated to use the word "smart" to claim the true principle of evolution: the performance. A concept well matched to the nineteenth-century positivist movement, in which every progress, towards the efficacy of human technology, was exalted.

Issue2: #modular

The term modularity is widely used in studies of technological systems. Product systems are deemed modular when they can be decomposed into a number of components that may be mixed and matched in a variety of configurations. On a closer look, it is not simply a matter of repeating the same structure in several possibilities. It is also and above all the way to meet Aristotele’s principle the whole is greater than the sum of its parts.

Issue1: #continuous

We are all familiar with the idea of continuity. To be continuous is to constitute an uninterrupted whole: thus a continuum has no gaps.
We commonly suppose that space and time are continuous, and certain philosophers have maintained that all natural processes occur continuously: witness, for example, Leibniz’s famous adage natura non facit saltus – nature makes no jump. IMA’s team has applied this concept into technology, making it physical and tangible into Croma.
I’m ODY, do you feel like talking about CROMA?
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