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CROMA. Ready for the next step.

Welcome to the future, the new world where production goes by the name integration.
This is the new pharmaceutical production frontier, where Prexima and Croma are one.

Live Event • Can't stop the future

September 26-27, 2019 • Bologna, Italy

IMA Active has the pleasure of inviting you to the event that aims at bringing together pharmaceutical companies, regulators and academics to look at accelerating adoption of Continuous Manufacturing in Oral Solid Dosage forms.

CROMA Outline

Continuous Manufacturing supports improvement of pharmaceutical products in terms of potency, effectiveness, and safety, by means of accurate process control. Croma is IMA’s first step towards continuous.

CROMA Stories

Every innovation is a journey made of intuition and hard work.
Every innovation has a story, its own story.
These are the #CromaStories.

The Webinar Series

The increasing interest of the pharmaceutical industry in Continuous Manufacturing aims at achieving total quality through a flexible and sustainable production. At IMA, we believe that our commitment can support the change to Continuous Manufacturing.

I’m ODY, do you feel like talking about CROMA?
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