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  • Instrument calibration and rental
  • Product testing and laboratories

Supporting the customer in getting the necessary instruments to complete testing and validation activities.


Value and Benefits

  • Avoid import-export bureaucracy.
  • Reduce costs.
  • Minimise downtime.

Product service description

  • We are able to support the customer in finding all calibrated instruments LOCALLY for use during equipment testing and validation phases.

Testing new drugs and/or already-into-production drugs (liquids and powders).

Product service description

  • In-house laboratories are available to test new drugs in production conditions or to find out the necessary adjustments and regulations to improve equipment performance.
  • IMA Life can support the customer in import-export bureaucracy according to the necessary health and safety documentation.
  • A complete technical report of the tests will be shared with the customer.
  • Technical analysis of further spare parts/upgrades needed.


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