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P.O.D.: your production on demand

The past markets were used to require big batches. In the production site, it was possible thanks to a complete set up (cleaning + changeovers + quality check) followed by a continuous and long production time.

Post published on 15/06/2017

P.O.D.: your production on demand

Production facilities are now being asked to produce smaller and smaller batches. In such cases the present setting up time is too long compared to the production time.

IMA Safe has the answer: the P.O.D.

It allows the customers to produce neutral big batches ready for a late stage customization according to the different needs.

This means the possibility to optimize the time’s employment of operators and machines.

Last but not least the P.O.D. is synonymous of an extremely flexible production and of sustainability thanks to its compatibility with existing blister machines and features without having to modify or add expensive components.



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