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Welcome into my land. A place where the ideal becomes real, where complexity becomes simplicity and where desires are results.
Discover the true meaning of tableting.
Discover DOMINA.

Meet the Master

Watch the DOMINA unveiling video • May 19, 2021

In an exclusive location, perfection met innovation. The neoclassical beauty and its balance were violated by DOMINA.
A machine that becomes the sculptor who shapes the elements at its will.
Watch the public Video Premiere and join our Community to get exclusive insights on DOMINA.

D-Change. A blog to listen

D-Change is a DOMINA project, a site, a blog, a container of words, thoughts and people. A different way of doing business.

Here you’ll discover more about DOMINA, a brand new concept of tablet press machine. Choose your experience by reading or listening to our podcasts about the meaning of change or simply meet the team behind DOMINA.

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