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Our technological team

Frank DeMarco
Freeze Drying Product Manager at IMA Life North America

Frank is the internal resource of experience for freeze drying products and equipment. He has authored several articles focused on emerging freeze-drying technologies and is the principal point of contact for designing user requirement specification (URS) for IMA Life customers. Frank currently leads the Lab4Life team and lends his over two decades worth of experience in the field of pharmaceutical freeze drying.

Justin Griffiths
Laboratory technician at IMA Life NA

Justin completed his B.S. in Chemistry from Niagara University and Ph.D. in Chemistry from the University at Buffalo. At IMA Life, Justin is working on analytical techniques involved in the development, optimization, and technology transfer of lyophilization cycles. His interests include the study of formulation and lyophilization process changes on chemical degradation and protein aggregation.

Vaibhav Kshirsagar
Technical Product Manager at IMA Life North America

Vaibhav completed his B. Tech in Mechanical Engineering from the IIT – Hyderabad and Master’s in Aeronautics and Astronautics from Purdue University, where his research focused on vapor flow modeling in Lyophilizers using computational methods. At IMA Life, Vaibhav is investigating new methods to monitor sublimation rates during freeze-drying and implementation of the other emerging technologies in the field of pharmaceutical technology.

Mehfouz Jalal
Associate Scientist at IMALife North America

Mehfouz completed his B.S. in Chemical and Biomolecular Engineering from Georgia Tech and Masters in Chemical Engineering from Purdue University. He was working as an Associate Research Engineer in the LyoHub Consortium before accepting his current position at IMA Life. At IMA Life, Mehfouz is focusing on process development of vaccines and biologics using heat and mass transfer modeling.

Dennis Posheluk
Technical Product Manager and Associate Scientist at IMA Life North America

Dennis Posheluk is a Technical Product Manager/Associate Scientist at IMA Life North America Inc. Dennis completed his B.S. and M.S. in Mechanical Engineering at the University at Buffalo. His interests at IMA Life include fluid and heat transfer, mathematical modeling, and design optimization of spray freeze drying and lyophilization with controlled nucleation process.

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The LAB4LIFE Development Lyo Laboratory is located at IMA Life North America (NY) manufacturing facility.

The team includes a number of industry experts who provide assistance to customers worldwide with product development, scale up and qualification. The team is also dedicated to discovering innovative processes and technologies and is ready to share new developments.

The IMA Life Technology Team is always at your disposal for any requirement about IMA Life lyo technologies.