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The event takes place from 29/06/2021 to 30/06/2021

IMA Life at the Industrial AI Summit virtual event, taking place on June 29-30, 2021

IMA Life has partnered with Falkonry to develop the Sentinel-LYO platform for real-time data analysis and system health monitoring.
The goal of this system is to move towards a predict-and-schedule model, which aligns well with guidance issued by the United States Food and Drug Administration and the European Union’s commission on Health and Food Safety regarding Continued Process Verification and maintenance of a validated system. By developing freeze-dryer-specific algorithms deployed on a secure cloud and augmenting with a framework of sensors to collect process and equipment data, a real-time comparison against historical performance of a freeze dryer is now possible.

Vaibhav Kshirsagar, Technical Product Manager at IMA Life North America, will explain how this partnership has been helping the pharma industry.

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