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The time is now. Get ready for our much awaited event that will finally reveal DOMINA, the master of tableting. Book your place.

Meet the Master schedule

The DOMINA online event will be live on May 19
at seven different time slots to accomodate every time zone need.

May 19 2021
Reruns (CEST)
7am - 9am - 11am
1pm - 4pm - 6pm - 8pm


DOMINA is fully configurable platform for tablet manufacturing. Versatile, intelligent, smart and effective, DOMINA is beyond the machine, is a brand new concept of tablet press ready to change the meaning of production in pharmaceutical industry.


DOMINA is considered to be a modular technological platform, in which functional blocks can be easily added or removed. This allows our customers to build the ideal configuration to perfectly compress any powder into any tablet.


DOMINA automation is a step ahead of other machines by helping to maximize production and minimize errors. Allowing product quality and production efficiency to be of the highest standard and guaranteeing a quick return on the customer’s investment.


Designed with an eye to Pharma 4.0, DOMINA is easily adaptable to state-of-the-art production environments, thanks to its small footprint. A smart design that also leads to an enhanced user experience.


DOMINA is designed with an extremely robust structure, allowing both pre-compression and main compression forces designed to reach up to 120 kN.

D-Product insights

DOMINA goes deep into technicalities with our experts through four dedicated video sessions.

Register to get full access to tech talks and send questions to our experts.

Marco Minardi

Automation Manager at IMA Active

He is responsible for Hardware and Software control system design for the entire portfolio of IMA Active machines.

Fabrizio Consoli

Technical Department Manager for Tablet Presses at IMA Active

In charge of the technical department for tablet presses, he manages both the R&D and the production machines for this product line.

Federica Giatti

Compression Technologist at IMA Active

She is expert in tableting process feasibility, troubleshooting and customer assistance.

Fabriano Ferrini

Product Manager for Tablet Presses at IMA Active

Member of IMA Active R&D team, he contributes to the evaluation of new developments with Marketing,
Technical and Production Departments.

Register for the event

Fill out the form in order to have full access to the technical talks and be always
up to date about DOMINA news and contents.


NB: on the day of the event you will only need your email address to access the reserved stream, no password will be generated or requested.

Get in touch

Get in touch with IMA staff to know more about DOMINA
project and IMA tableting solutions.

Don’t miss the event

Save the date. Register for the event and add it to your calendar
to be sure not to miss it.

May 19, 2021
DOMINA online event | Meet the Master
The time is now. Get ready for our much awaited event that will finally reveal DOMINA, the master of tableting. Book your place.