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The secondary packaging of parenteral products in tray is a process that requires high quality production standards: a careful handling of the product, high productivity and maximum flexibility in both product feeding and machine configuration.

That’s why the IMA Safe series of deep draw thermoforming machines, C260 and C360, is exactly the solution you need.

Deep draw thermoforming for parenteral products

C260 for small and medium production batches, C360 for large batches: discover and find your made-to-measure solution.


Make the most of being able to handle any type of forming material. Combining an advanced preheating system with the forming process provides uniform film thickness.

IMA Safe has developed robot-controlled solutions capable of feeding any parenteral product and accessory. The feeding area enables maximum layout flexibility: product can be loaded at the front or rear of the machine.

If tray sealing is required, a sealing unit can be installed that guarantees uniform sealing pressure and offsets any irregular thickness in the materials. The cutter area is extremely accessible and the unit is easily removable for size changeovers.

The connection with the cartoning machine enables maximum layout flexibility. Inline or 90° configurations are possible.

Thanks to a flexible robotised feeder, it is possible to feed a wide range of products, in any configuration inside the tray

Compact and modular line concept

IMa Safe’s solutions is based on a modular concept. The line can be completely customised in terms of product feeders and machine units installed. The footprint is extremely compact also in case of complex configurations.

C260 and C360 can be coupled to all IMA Safe cartoning machines according to customer requirements

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Continuous motion cartoner. DYNAMICA Series multipurpose continuous motion cartoner is available in three versions, according to the product specifications, carton dimension sizes and speed. It grants the maximum versatility in terms of applications, infeed systems and carton size range.
Beyond the limit of the maximum flexibility
Intermittent or continuous motion cartoner. FLEXA Series includes intermittent and continuous motion versions to better satisfy your demands according to the product to be packed. With FLEXA you choose the maximum flexibility and ergonomics in the most compact machine.
Space-saving design for whatever product to be packed
Intermittent motion cartoner. X Series multipurpose intermittent motion cartoner, is the best price/performance ratio solution in its product range. Thanks to the use of both mechanical and robotized feeding systems, it can handle the widest product variants range in the market.
X, love at first sight

Discover a new sustainable solution: the bio-degradable tray

Our well established technologies have been thought once again for the best handling of new generation materials such as the bio-degradable PLA. We keep the same performance, the same quality, with a new purposes: our Planet.

No one is forgotten: new applications are suitable for retrofitting on existing C260 and C360 with just small adjustments in the forming area.