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Today’s needs will not compromise tomorrow’s work.

That’s how a real modular platform should be.


Fabriano Ferrini
Product Manager for Tablet Presses at IMA Active

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todayPublished on: 01 Mar 2021
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Today the world is changing quickly, people are frequently changing their minds, the economy is reacting faster than ever and the healthcare demand is reflecting this never-resting movement. 

The mission of pharmaceutical companies is to provide quick and efficient support to human health. Drugs are continuously being assessed and developed to ensure better results. Dosage amounts and tablet shapes may differ and may need different packaging technologies, and therefore requiring pharma production to be more flexible.

Today, flexibility is one of the main drivers when making on path decisions. IMA Active has been acknowledging this importance for years by supplying versatile machines to our customers and making flexibility part of our DNA. That’s why when we started thinking about DOMINA, the first word written on the blank sheet was “versatility”.

DOMINA is considered to be a modular technological platform, in which functional blocks can be easily added or removed. This allows our customers to build an ideal configuration to perfectly compress any powder into any tablet. 

DOMINA drove us to exploit innovative techniques in tablet compression. 

Among all the different types of die feeders, there is a longer one which has been specifically designed as a solution for high production speed helping powders with poor flowability. High output is also possible when hard-to-press powders are being compressed by using a third compression roller.  

A special compaction cam has made the difference in enhancing powder deaeration by reducing the risk of lamination and capping.  

The endless fill-cam removes the dilemma of choosing the right segment. The entire range is covered by just one tuneable cam, allowing the right balance between overfilling and accurate dosing while tailoring the loading profile to the specific powder. 

DOMINA’s modular platform also allows to easily switch-over from mono to bilayer tablet configuration and vice versa. 

I like to think of DOMINA as a concrete base and our customers have the bricks which allow them to build the house they want today, and still be able to rebuild and make changes tomorrow. DOMINA gives flexibility, while always guaranteeing process stability and superior product quality with any substance, including direct compression powders.

Superior quality production cannot divert to other key factors in tablet compression, as downtime and cleaning. DOMINA features both a highly automated turret changeover, where the operator is simply overseeing the process, and a complete separation of process area with the standard use of bellows and v-rings.

DOMINA provides high throughput, remaining a single sided tablet press. Production speed can be further increased through the use of the exchangeable turret we designed for IMA 8 tooling. DOMINA retains all these features, which enable it to meet today’s requirements without compromising tomorrow’s work.

Fabriano Ferrini

Product Manager for Tablet Presses at IMA Active.

Graduated in Electronics in 1985, he started his carrier as a designer of automated assembly lines for the automotive manufacturing industry. He gained experience on other applications until 1998, when he joined IMA as Product Manager for Comprima tablet press.

He has been appointed also as Product Manager for capsule fillers, supporting market demand for all IMA Active encapsulation and compression equipment since 2000.

In this position, he has the opportunity to daily live in first person the evolving needs of Pharma Solid Dose production. As a member of IMA Active R&D team, he contributes to the new developments with Marketing, Technical and Production Departments.