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I begin with an idea and then it becomes something else.

Picasso. Metamorphosis is change.

create Written by: The editorial staff
todayPublished on: 17 Jun 2020
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When Pablo Picasso came into the world, everyone thought he was dead. For this reason, he was left by the midwife on a table next to his mother. It was his uncle, who tried to revive him, and finally, save him by bringing him back to life.
This is how one of the greatest artists of the twentieth century was born.

The story of Pablo Picasso’s life is the story of a prodigy who was never satisfied, who never stopped learning and who never got tired of growing and changing.
Aristotle said: “Life requires movement”. And Picasso seems to have made this principle the motto of his existence. Pablo Picasso’s life shows how living means growing, evolving and constantly changing.

Each phase of Picasso’s painting corresponds to changes and important events in his private life. This gives us an idea of how closely artistic research is linked to life experiences. Thanks to his ability to have these deep experiences, Picasso was able to transform them into inspiration.
Many artists, once they have achieved fame, rest assured that they will be able to reproduce what made them famous without any major changes. This did not happen to Picasso, he had the rare ability to continue evolving and changing. That’s what made Picasso so important.

His life was a succession of innovations and successes, all accompanied by a continuous change that is represented by his unstable private life, even in its negative aspects.
Pablo Picasso’s life shows how living means growing and constantly evolving. Both good and bad events pushed Picasso in new directions and deeply and continuously changed him.
Experiences have hidden power. This power lies in the change we can extract from them. Renewal and growth therefore mean grasping the power hidden in experiences, each in their own way.