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Change Manager

The guide towards change.

create Written by: The editorial staff
todayPublished on: 17 Jun 2020
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During their existence, almost all companies have been forced to review or change their path. It is a strategic, market and product path. We can say that it is a vital path for the preservation and future of every enterprise. 

Technological destruction, new economic models, market crises and new opportunities inevitably push companies towards transformation, and a new company figure, the Change Manager, has increasingly become a central key player. 

Still little-known in the Italian market, he or she is the key figure capable of guiding and accompanying an enterprise in the delicate transition period. 

Who is this character? Usually, an external professional, a temporary manager, a Charon of change. 

Analyst, coordinator, manager and motivator. A good Change Manager must be able to move on several fronts and be able to convey, to all employees and stakeholders, why it is important and necessary to undertake a reorganisation process.

Studying the company from within, identifying strengths and weaknesses. Understanding and analysing managers and employees. Creating strategies and tools to put the necessary changes into practice. 

All this, involving people in the process of gradual but constant transformation, directly towards a goal. In short, our Change Manager is a ferryman who has a clear idea of the point of departure and the point of arrival and who knows how to move along the route. 

Those who aspire to become a Change Manager must have a good training. To date, the most travelled paths seem to be a degree in Economics and Commerce, Communication Sciences and Marketing. A highly specialised figure who will become increasingly and who will seize career opportunities in the near future.