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Post published on 23/03/2023

Automation technologies to fight the Pandemic

Given the importance of responsiveness, IMA AUTOMATION has accelerated its activities to help society act in all ways against the Sars-Cov-2 pandemic. In addition to the group’s role in supporting vaccine manufacturers, this division of IMA has developed assembly lines for diagnostic kits because testing is a critical response to the pandemic, enabling countries to trace and contain the virus.


Our competences for the community

The skills we possess and the knowledge acquired over the years designing automation systems have turned out to be of great value to the community, providing high-performance assembly lines for diagnostic kits, lab-free point-of-care molecular diagnostic testing devices and another type of point-of-care molecular diagnostic kit for RT-PCR test processes.

This disposable test cartridge with microfluidics and miniaturisation makes this accurate test method available in multiple conditions and not necessarily inside laboratories.

As for the increased demand for PCR test storage, not only has IMA Automation strengthened support for the already installed equipment, but has also increased its machine production capacity – integrated into an in-vitro diagnostic line – for the automatic storage of samples in refrigerated conditions. Lorenzo Maldarelli also underlines the human value of the automation projects accomplished in recent times: “Many of these projects have had an amazing impact on the people working in this division as we all sense the importance of our contribution to fighting the pandemic.”


Swab test manipulation technologies

Specifically for the US market, we’ve also developed and built a machine which manipulates Covid-19 test swabs. The solution is built to feed the downstream thermoforming packaging machine at a speed of 450 pcs/minute.


A global initiative

In almost all continents, IMA AUTOMATION is supporting manufacturers of medical and diagnostic devices to increase their production volumes and deliver their products faster. Thanks to our experience in the diagnostic sector, our engineering capabilities and highly competent supply chain, we also succeeded in shortening our own lead times, making an active contribution to the fight against Covid-19.

Lorenzo Maldarelli
IMA Automation Vice President

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