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From the depths of IMA Active’s experience in washing solutions for tools, components and machine parts, the birth of AQUARIA redefines the meaning of flexibility and performance. Powerful yet essential, effective and smart, AQUARIA is an energy-efficient components washer

Easy to use, access and install.

AQUARIA is IMA Active’s all-in-one pharma washing solution for components and machine parts of different sizes and volumes in completely automatic mode. The combination of IMA Active’s technological expertise and knowledge of the pharmaceutical and nutraceutical industry has resulted in a new compact parts washer, maximising the washing chamber volume while minimising the size of the machine.

Easy to use and install, AQUARIA ensures maximum accessibility thanks to the large glass door, which allows users to inspect the entire washing process.

Different configurations are available thanks to the plug-and-play shift among different machine groups and layout options. This flexibility enables AQUARIA to meet any space requirement, and optimise installation and maintenance operations.

Water and air, only what is needed.

AQUARIA achieves top-level performance while minimising water consumption and detergent. The machine works either with a water recirculation system with high flow rate at 6 barG pressure, or once-through washing cycles with low flow rate at 8 barG, included in the base configuration as standard. It is therefore possible to create highly flexible washing recipes, combining recirculation and once-through washing cycles.

AQUARIA can be equipped with up to 3 detergent dosing units with automatic dose regulation avoiding any waste.

AQUARIA is available with a heat exchanger to heat the water and maintain its temperature during recirculation.

The Air Handling Unit, included in the base configuration, is integrated in the machine body to ensure drying and cooling of components and machine parts.

AQUARIA chamber, washing baskets and piping are entirely made of AISI 316L and ASME-BPE compliant.

Advanced controls for process consistency.

MAX, the latest generation of IMA Supervision Systems, has been holistically created paying maximum attention to the User Experience and based on Visual Design to enhance User Interaction. MAX ensures prompt responsiveness, enhanced predictability and easy learning.

MAX is deployed on operator panels for standard machines and on iFix SCADA for premium. All versions are IoT/Pharma 4.0-ready. Communication can be extended to a plant-wide supervision system and also to IMA remote service assistance.

Automatic recipes with a complete life cycle, reports and audit trails are easily managed to ensure maximum efficiency and consistent results in compliance with current directives and guidelines (ANSI/ISA-88, FDA CFR21 part 11, GAMP 5). By Design approach ensures complete support for data integrity (PIC/S, MHRA, WHO, GAMP).

More efficiency for washing and drying.

AQUARIA is designed with rotating washing arms complete with a sensor to detect the correct rotation of the arm during washing. Stainless steel supports to ensure correct washing, draining and drying of components and machine parts to be washed are provided to rest on the standard basket. This reduces the number of baskets required.

Different racks and baskets are available for optimal washing even of flexible hoses, pharma drums, little containers and other components. When cleaning machine parts with a complex design, additional spray nozzles can be added to the washing basket, thereby increasing cleaning efficiency.

Available as an option, AirJetStream recirculates the heated and filtered air at the end of the washing process. Performed at high speed inside the AQUARIA chamber, this mechanically removes any water droplets from components and machine parts, and ensures a significant reduction in drying and cooling times, enhancing overall drying efficiency

Great in performance, compact in design.

AQUARIA is a compact parts washer whose innovative design ensures a minimum footprint in the processing area. Multiple options, from one-block-unit up to the washing chamber with separate AHU and cabinets, can provide ample opportunity to optimise floorspace.

Simplified washing concepts based on intelligent design together with GMP-compliance for maximum efficiency enable AQUARIA to fully respond to industry requirements. Easily integrated with other equipment, AQUARIA fits seamlessly into solid-dose processing lines.


Drops of Efficiency
Washing Webinars

Cleaning procedures have become more and more important in the pharmaceutical and nutraceutical industry.
Today IMA Active shares its solid knowledge of the cleaning dynamics for enhancing optimal performance minimising water consumption.



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