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With the aim of maximizing customer satisfaction, IMA Service Solutions focuses on optimum performance and 100% quality, safety and efficiency.

Customer satisfaction

Unlike prevalent belief, for us this is not the ending of a successful circle; indeed, it is the milestone where to start. We work together with our Customers since the initial stages of project development, building a partnership to last through the entire life-cycle of the equipment.

Making constantly available to our Clients our tech skills, experience, expertise, size and worldwide presence, we focus to maximize productivity and do our best to reduce to a minimum any operating costs and unnecessary machine downtime.

Design Services

Our not just keeping pace but also moving ahead with innovations in pharmaceutical technology and processes is attributable to our teams of highly motivated personnel radically rethinking what was once considered standard and taking it to a superior level. IMA is the One-Stop-Supplier.

IMA offer comprises:

  • Comprehensive in-house design and manufactured process and packaging machinery.
  • Knowledge of machine integration and line logic.
  • Dedicated staff for project management.
  • Facilities for equipment integration on its premises.
  • Central connection of utilities.
  • Line FAT execution experience.
  • Appropriate documentation for line qualification.
  • Test of centralized advisory service (such as SCADA) providing pharmaceutical partners with a single reference point.

Construction Services

Life Science industry is continuously challenged to comply with upcoming new strict quality and safety standards and to increase output and efficiency. In turn, to design break ground processing and packaging lines, we are committed to maintain an in-depth knowledge of the product, and of its manufacturing and packaging principles.

Maintenance Services

Take advantage of the wide portfolio of our After Sales Services: optimal maintenance and working conditions ensure maximum equipment efficiency and reliability:

  • Integrated Maintenance Agreements: increase production and reduce costs.
  • Spare Parts Services: shorten downtime.
  • MyIMA Spare Parts: e-service for customer care around the clock.
  • RSA – Remote Service Assistance: immediate troubleshooting.
  • OEE (Overall Equipment Effectiveness) Consulting: enhance quality levels.
  • Process Optimization: approaching production from a different perspective.
  • Modernization Programs: upgrading passageway.

Education Center

Our Training Courses are tailor-made and modular, in order to fulfill all Customer needs; special attention is given to the customized units fitted to the machine and to the best and most effective way of dealing with any situation that may arise during machine operation.

  • Interactive Training: a practical and effective operating tool to be used autonomously or with the assistance of an IMA engineer.
  • Basic Training: to learn practical activities on your machine.
  • Intermediate Training: the so-called “hands-on” training.
  • Advanced Training: tailored training for all User levels.

Lab4Life - The Lyophiliser Process Development Lab

IMA Life has assembled a team of diverse industry experts to provide our customers a worldwide assistance with product development, scale up and qualification.

IMA Active Process and development Laboratory

IMA Active Laboratory includes 10 test rooms with a controlled environment, staffed by qualified pharmacists assisted by specialist engineers. The appropriate instrumentation is available to carry out different technological tests: moisture content (Loss On Drying), hardness, disintegration, friability, flowability and particle size control.

Main activities:

  • Tests at the IMA Laboratory or at the customer’s plant to set-up working parameters and optimize machine performance.
  • Formulation development/definition on a wide range of machines to test the complete production process.
  • Assistance for process start-up or scale-up.
  • Implementation of PAT systems.
  • Experimentation and development of new technologies in collaboration with universities, raw material suppliers and IMA R&D Department.
  • Training courses.

IMA Life IsoTech Lab – In-House Isolator Research & Development Laboratory

IMA Life In-house Isolator Research & Development Laboratory is a pharmaceutically compliant lab hosting an infeed Rotary Table and a Filling & Stoppering machine under isolator to specifically carry out tests and ultimately demo runs. A microbiologist staff works aside our engineers to improve the isolator HVAC systems as well as to determine even shorter and well suited H2O2 cycle times for our equipment. Cooperation agreements have been settled with scientists and experts on the field to support the pragmatic and industrial approach.

IMA Life Research & Development Lab for Isolators has two main objectives:

1)    To perform internal researches:

  • To optimize VHP cycles;
  • To check the performance of electro mechanical components of the HVAC circuits;
  • To make comparisons between VHP generators and other sanitization media;
  • To check material compatibility and resistance to decontamination agents.

2)    To set-up activities in conjunction with Customers:

  • To check cycle times with agreed isolator loadings;
  • To perform preliminary training sessions for Customer isolator management and VHP development cycles.