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CP18 + 4FLEX
CP18 + 4FLEX
The CP18 + 4FLEX integrated case packing and palletising solution processes a wide range of cartons , either single or bundled, and cases. Compact and robust, the machine is equipped with an operating head which is customised for the product to be handled.
Packing and palletizing under full control.
Perfect when space is limited at the end of a bottle line, but also when smooth handling is a must, even for difficult or unusual shapes, this servo-driven, top loading case-packer and palletiser features innovative solutions including a 6-axis robot.
Safe and space-efficient, for easy case packing and palletising.
The CP18 + MINIFLEX integrated case packing and palletising solution processes a wide range of cartons and cases. Including a host of ergonomic design features to facilitate operator intervention, the overall footprint is minimal to optimise available space.
Seamless integration, optimum ergonomics.