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Electronic counting systems

SVIII is a versatile counting/filling system to pack a variety of products accurately at speed, and requires few or no change parts to allow maximum productivity.

SVIII is a versatile counting/filling system to pack a variety of products accurately at speed, and requires few or no change parts to allow maximum productivity.

Leading technology in tablet and capsule counting

SVIII is the new counter developed from the Swiftvision experience that boasts over 300 machines supplied.

Thanks to an updated design the SVIII is able to maintain the same reliability of the Swiftvision machines range and add new features to make this counter even more reliable and simpler to operate.

The SVIII counter range can be configured for any product or container requirement. Count speed and accuracy are optimized through the product flow control feeding system, which prevents surges and ensures a constant flow of the product to the count head, independent of the hopper level.

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SVIII Highlights

Flow control through counting rate feedback for a more accurate tablet flow control. No maintenance required
Single vibrator cover allows easier and faster cleaning
Redesigned count head and pre-count gating facilitates easier count head removal and better access for cleaning and maintenance
New power lift mechanism
Electrostatic field sensor (EFS) available for maximum counting accuracy
21 CFR part 11 compliance as option.
The counting accuracy depends on many factors such as counter design, product flow control, gating system and, last but not least sensors. Over the years Swiftpack has developed new solutions in order to improve quality and efficiency.


The SVIII Series includes the following configurations:

  • SVIII Single, one counting head mounted on a single base
  • SVIII Twin, two counting heads mounted on a single base
SVIII Thumbnail
  • Technical Data
  • Machine Layout
Production output Up to 50 bottles/min. or 6,000 tablets/min.* Up to 100 bottles/min. or 12,000 tablets/min.*
Container diameter range 25 mm – 100 mm 25 mm – 100 mm
Container height range 40 mm – 200 mm 40 mm – 200 mm

*Depending on product and bottle shape and size

SVIII Layout

SVIII Gallery

Bottle transport system
Hopper and vibratory trays
SVIII Single
Bottle exit
June 10-11-12, 2020.
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