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Horizontal cartoning machine from flat blanks

Fully automatic cartoner from flat blanks, for cartons and wallets in different styles and shapes.

Fully automatic cartoner from flat blanks, for cartons and wallets in different styles and shapes.

FCW300, horizontal cartoner from flat blanks

IMA FCW300 is a fully automatic cartoner from flat blanks, for several kinds of packages such as cartons and wallets in different styles and shapes.

The product infeed can be custom-designed to accommodate the upstream machine release, adapting the relevant product transfer towards the flat blank. According to the required folding and closure of the carton, the machine can be equipped with or without a glue application system.

Multiple product feeding is possible, conserving the same performance and speed requirement.

Integration of a marker and of a camera control system is implemented without altering or increasing the framework or size of the machine.

Thanks to extensive experience in special projects, IMA is able to adapt this machine to process completely different products.




Shared bus with power exchange for consumption optimization. The motorization is handled with the aim to avoid power waste. Kinetic energy generated during braking is shared and absorbed by other modules of the machine, reducing the overall power consumption. It allows the use of sustainable packaging materials for an eco-friendly package.
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FCW300 Highlights

Hygienic design, great accessibility and complete visibility of all parts
Large capacity for single or multiple flat blank magazines
Wide range of carton styles and versatile product handling
Modular design to allow multiple feeding system integration
  • Technical Data
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Sleeve/Carton Style   A B C
  Min. 55 8 42
  Max. 70 50 80
Production output                                                                                170/min


Wallet Style   A B C
  Min. 40 10 80
  Max. 90 20 150
Production output                                                                               150/min


Out-of-range sizes can be handled after evaluation by the technical office.

FCW300 Layout

FCW300 Gallery

Flat blanks magazines
Flat blanks pick-up
Carton closing
Wallet folding