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Post published on 04/04/2019

The partnership grows stronger between IMA and the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT)

IMA and MIT, an increasingly strong synergy thanks to the entry of IMA in the Industrial Liaison Program (ILP), a special membership created for companies by the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, the most important university in the world for applied research.

Among the main advantages of joining this program: full access to MIT resources, possibility of organizing targeted meetings, sponsorship opportunities and enhanced networks.

“The membership we joined once again reinforces our strategic partnership with MIT”, explains Dario Rea, IMA Group Reasearch Innovation Director “and adds a new important step to the relationship of deep and mutual collaboration that binds us since several years to Massachusetts Institute of Technology. Thanks to this step, we will be able to further strengthen the common understanding for the launch of new projects and the creation of development plans. “

Entry into the Industrial Liaison Program (LIP) guarantees IMA full access to MIT resources in terms of activities, services and networks, with the shared purpose of generating innovation, identifying new partnerships (developing existing ones) and expanding the business . And thanks to this new form of mutual collaboration IMA will have the opportunity to deepen its areas of expertise and know-how, opening up to discussions with MIT researchers and Key Opinion Leaders of the sector, internationally renowned.

All with the aim of giving more and more concreteness to the projects in progress and for developing new ones.

A key point of the agreement is played by the Institute’s “start-up community”, to which IMA will have access: a real “industrial ecosystem devoted to innovation” and made up of over 1600 newborn companies, with the possibility for IMA to sponsor their activities and to contribute to their growth.

Within the agreement signed the possibility of involving members of MIT (professors or researchers) for research and development activities on IMA projects, offering agreed periods of stay for ongoing collaborations within the Group’s plants.