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IMA Group at PACK EXPO 2017

Reach out and breathe digital with IMA Group at PACK EXPO 2017, Las Vegas, NV, USA. Come and explore the way IMA thinks digital by visiting our dedicated area on the booth #C2214.

IMA Digital @Pack Expo 2017

You will ride through a technological tour in the streamline of digital innovation where technology serves our processes and our products.

Reach full potential of a satisfying customer experience is at the heart of our digital vision and strategy.

Digital innovation is human energy, strategic opportunities, power to outperform.

Thinking digital, the way we do, is the impulse for better work, better business, better life.

Check out what the future holds for your industry.
Experience the latest solutions and discover our new technologies.

Your promo code for free entry is 68Q53

Expand the rules. Continuous has come.

Go further. Imagine the future. Never settle. This is CROMA, the new frontier of continuous coating. Discover CROMA and the Coating-Wise Program by IMA Active in the “Coating Corner” at PACK EXPO 2017.

PREXIMA 800. Excellence in bi-layer tableting.

Years of experience and expertise in the industry have been carefully channelled into PREXIMA 800, IMA Active’s tablet press machine suitable for bi-layer tableting production. PREXIMA 800 is designed for high production output, up to 1,044,000 tablets/hour. The machine ensures complete separation between processing and mechanical areas thanks to the use of purposely designed seals and protections.

The design also provides 360° accessibility: the processing area is fully accessible once the external doors are opened, while access to the machine basement is required only for maintenance. PREXIMA 800’s compression support is based on four columns linked together by two strong cast iron structures.

This exceptionally sturdy structure guarantees both pre-compression and main compression forces up to 100 kN with maximum reliability. PREXIMA 800 is also provided with the XIMA HMI, which was awarded with the A’ Design Award for its strategic role in improving operators’ efficiency.

SENSITIVE AP400 C. Compact Carton Labeler.

The SENSITIVE AP400 COMPACT is the IMA LIFE’s latest development in the field of carton labelling. Its reduced overall length of 1.400 mm allows effective and valuable integrations in the major challenging packaging lines, where space availability and high speed requirements are the foremost prerequisites to cope with.

The SENSITIVE AP400 C guarantees the installation of up to three labelling heads for the application of a wide range of self-adhesive labels on the top or bottom of cartons and tamper evident seals on the carton flaps. Thanks to the high flexibility of this modular unit the most advanced overprinting and vision systems for Track & Trace  compliance and Serialization accountability can be completely integrated.

UNILINE. Fast track your counting system.

Designed for maximum flexibility with no product or bottle change parts, UNILINE can be changed over very quickly and start up immediately at production speed for high OEE even when running small batches. The balcony design provides easy cleanability and visibility with no hidden entrapment points. Compact design fits in a friction of the space of traditional equipment.

With UNILINE the highest level of count accuracy is granted by different counting technologies solutions available (Optical sensor and E.F.S. – Electronical field sensor) which are able to work also in difficult conditions.

The Dairy & Food Big Bang @Pack Expo 2017!

“The Dairy & Food Big Bang” is the IMA Dairy&Food campaign that announces a brand new sector era, thanks to 5 new cutting-edge machines. A revolution that spreads across the world, from production sites to global business network.

5 machines made by IMA Dairy&Food are officially ready to raise the bar for the sector, thanks to the highest level of performance, not to mention new concepts in design and sustainability.

The revolution doesn’t end here: a new machine will be launched at the end of the year!

For further information, come and visit us at Pack Expo 2017!

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