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IMA Group at PACK EXPO 2018 • Evolving Pharma. By your side.

When it comes to One-Stop-Supplier for the Pharmaceutical Industry, we talk about IMA Pharma. We are known not only for our huge range of products but also for being a reliable partner with whom to develop, plan and implement production facilities.

Processing machines on show

All our skills. Compressed.

Powered by IMA Active’s knowledge of the sector, designed with unique italian style, built to deliver top-level performance, PREXIMA will drive your productivity to a higher level of efficiency.

High quality assurance by state-of-the-art inspection

Sensum SPINE automatically inspects the entire surface of tablets and capsules at the speed of up to 360,000 products/hour. Equipped with HELIX for gentle and efficient lifting and/or dust removing from tablets or capsules. 

PATVIS APA is a Process Analytical Technology Visual Inspection System for real-time monitoring, understanding and optimization of fluid bed pharmaceutical production processes.

Coating corner

Here and now. The time has come. Forget about the traditional coating process. CROMA is one step ahead of times and needs. A different machine concept: more accessible, easy to manage and extremely modular. In order to obtain a truly continuous coating process.

Containment corner

With hundreds of installations for dispensing, blending, granulation, tableting, capsule filling, coating, washing, tablet counting, blistering up to 5 OEB products, both for production and R&D applications, IMA has a wide and constant knowledge of processing highly potent products and can propose tailor made and proven containment solutions.

The most flexible solution, handling all formats of Ready-To-Use components

INJECTA’s flexible handling system defines new quality standards, performing 100% in-line quality control.
The most advanced robotic system, replacing conventional component handling, saves time, avoids glass-to-glass contact, provides safe and gentle manipulation, minimizes human interventions and automatically rejects single non-conforming products.

INJECTA sets the highest standard in terms of in-line process control with an innovative, precise robotic system.

New smart miniature mass spectrometer

QUANTUM is a non-invasive technique capable of performing quantitative real-time process relevant measurements.

A multipurpose device designed for use in pharma freeze dryers, it detects contaminants and process gases at concentrations down to ppm levels. Not only does this allow for silicone oil detection and for non-aqueous solvent detection, but QUANTUM can also be used as a system leak detection tool and as a process analytical tool for scale-up and development studies.

Come and discover QUANTUM at the Lab4Life corner.

Lab4Life corner

The Lab4life team includes a number of industry experts who provide assistance to our customers worldwide with lyophilized product development and scale up, lyo equipment and cycle qualification. To enhance this offering, IMA Life has built a development lyo laboratory at its Tonawanda, NY manufacturing facility.

The team is also dedicated to discovering new innovative processes and technologies and is ready to share new developments with you at the IMA booth.

Sensitive AP400 T
Compact carton labeller

The new SENSITIVE AP400 T, carton labeller and T&T unit, is the smallest new release in the array of AP400 labellers.

The machine displayed applies the tamper-evident sealing on one carton flap, while printing Data Matrix code with a printer on the other flap of the carton, previously glued. A camera vision system for data reading and checking enables the Tracking & Tracing of all the labelled cartons, ensuring transparency in manufacturing and safeguarding product authenticity.

Packaging machines on show

Electronic tablet counter

SWIFTPHARM 2-8 is the last high speed electronic tablet counter for a huge variety of pharmaceutical applications. The version on show features two counting heads mounted in a single base. Highest level of count accuracy is guaranteed by different counting technologies solutions available (Optical sensor and E.F.S. – Electronical field sensor) which are able to work also in difficult conditions.

SWIFTPHARM 2-8’s design has been conceived to help the operator and increase the productivity: very simple cleaning procedures and few or no change parts requested reduce at the minimum the down time.

Automatic tubefiller

Born to repeat the success of the extraordinary C960-C970 series, the new C1060-C1075 family comes to the market with experience enough to maintain its supremacy in medium speed tubefilling segment.

The approach to development of this model was based on throughout fine-tuning, introducing substantial upgrades while retaining its innate design flexibility to deal with several applications.

Thus the new C1060-C1075 series still remains the “quintessence” of reliability, ergonomics and ease of use: this recipe for success remains unvaried, as well as the concept of “top class performance in compact size”.

Come and discover the C1075 at PACK EXPO 2018, the fastest version able to reach 75 tubes/minute.

Virtually showcased: C40 Series
Blister packaging machine

The best price-performance ratio machine in its range, the C40 Series assures the maximum production efficiency for small/medium batches with frequent changeovers. The machine is the last evolution of a consolidated technology proving to be extremely reliable and allowing a significant reduction of maintenance costs.

C40 Series features a modern design able to assure complete visibility of the whole production process and accessibility for the operator.

Virtually showcased: DYNAMICA Series
Continuous motion cartoner

DYNAMICA Series is the highest expression of flexibility in carton packaging, featuring a wide range of feeding systems for both pharma and extra pharma markets, carton sizes and applications. With regard to the previous version, the new DYNAMICA also offers an improved ergonomics, a new HMI, a new product bucket belt which allows a better integration with the product feeder, and finally yet importantly, a considerable cartoner dimensions reduction.