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IMA Group at PACK EXPO 2019

IMA’s core business in the dairy and food sector is managed by IMA Dairy&Food, designing and manufacturing automatic machines for the processing and packaging of countless dairy and food products.

Enter the world of Dairy and Food processing and packaging to discover the future of your business.

IMA Dairy&Food offers solutions to the packaging challenges of the food and dairy industry
with state-of-the-art wrapping machines e.g. for cheese, butter, margarine, paste and pressed soup cubes and yeast, filling machines for spouted and unspouted pouches, innovative thermoform, fill and seal machines (FFS) for cups, 
fill and seal machines (FS) for preformed cups and tubs, cartoning and end-of-line solutions.

Highly specialized brands

Dosing, wrapping and packaging solutions for Cheese

IMA Food and Dairy is a reference brand for the dosing, wrapping and packaging of cheese. A wide range of machines is available for triangular, rectangular and square portions of processed, fresh and cream cheese. Hot fill solutions as well as cold fill systems are included in the product assortment that also comprehends cartoning, boxing, banding and end of line solutions.

Dosing, wrapping and packaging solutions for Paste and Pressed soup Cubes

IMA Food and Dairy supplies high, medium and low-speed processing, dosing and wrapping lines for paste and pressed soup cubes with a wide choice of solutions, ranging from stand-alone machines to fully integrated, turnkey lines including boxing and cartoning machine and end-of-line packaging in display and bulk containers.

Dosing, wrapping and packaging solutions for Butter and Margarine

Thanks to decades of specific experience, IMA Dairy and Food acts as a key technological partner and business advisor in all areas of butter and margarine packaging. Covering all aspects of the packaging process, IMA provides equipment for dosing and wrapping, filling and sealing (FS), cartoning and end-of-line solutions for butter and margarine products packed into mini, consumer and big portions.

Pouch filling solutions for liquid to pasty products

IMA manufactures and designs filling systems for flexible stand-up pouches with and without spout for dairy, food and beverage sectors. It offers the most revolutionary technology in the field of flexible containers, but it leaves the customer free to choose the shape of the pouch, spout and cap.