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Smart Machines • The power of data

We give life to technologically advanced Smart Machines, to obtain useful information on the status of the machines and their performances.

Analyzing data obtained through connected machines means creating important opportunities for end users. Data collected are able to provide detailed information to obtain ever higher standards.

Interpreted and analyzed, they potentially become the fulcrum of a new added value: by obtaining production data in real time it is possible to monitor the life status of the individual components, plan maintenance, track activities and test virtual behaviors.

Supporting customers means that producers are able to:

  • assist, maintain and resolve plant problems from remote
  • reduce average downtime and repair times (MTTR)
  • improving operational efficiency (OEE)
  • accelerate installation, commissioning and debugging activities
  • trace the location, flow and conditions of the plant

The Group has created several projects related to the interconnectivity of systems. The ultimate goal is to obtain more and more targeted data for predictive analysis and to achieve ever higher performances.

Discover how to improve your plant to reach a higher efficiency in your production.

Sentinel APP

Mobile devices are becoming increasingly important in performance monitoring, combining ease of use and reporting to provide ubiquitous and real-time access to business-critical information.

Accessing production data remotely and in real time, facilitates the user in exercising greater control and gives a broader view of the entire product production cycle. The opportunity that opens up is that of continuous and instant access to production data to monitor, control and implement.

Precisely with this goal Sentinel APP is born, the mobile application for remote access to production dashboards.

Thanks to Sentinel APP it is possible to visually track, analyze and visualize indicators, metrics and key points of plant performance to monitor the health of the systems, a department or a specific process.

The Sentinel APP dashboards, thanks to their complete customization, show production data through tables, graphs and indicators to help users monitor production activities against benchmarks and targets.

Find out how to get your own personalized dashboards.


The collaborative robots technology hides great potential thanks to their relative convenience and the high security they are able to guarantee.

Among the various advanced technologies that it is possible to exploit thanks to the data the collaborative robots, or cobots, seem to see a remarkable peak of popularity.

The main reasons could be their relative convenience and the possibility of working safely in contact with the operators.


The Group has introduced collaborative robots within production lines to facilitate work, transferring the heaviest and most repetitive operations to the robot. 

Pilot projects are currently ongoing involving different divisions, and which see the experimentation of new forms of collaboration between cobots and operators. Thanks to highly sophisticated software and a 3D vision system, cobots are able to recognize the right objects, collect them and install them directly on the packaging machine.

Contact us to receive a customize solution.

Artificial Intelligence

Modern production technologies incorporate Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning throughout the entire production process to achieve optimization and production efficiency.

Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning models can improve almost every aspect of a company, from marketing to sales to maintenance. In the manufacturing sector, the rise of the IoT and the unprecedented amount of data it generated has ushered in numerous opportunities for using ML.

Machine learning allows predictive monitoring, with automatic learning algorithms that include numerous types of use: from preventive maintenance (with the prevention of faults before they occur), to the automation of document digitization (effectively reducing flow times of work), passing through quality control (through reading and viewing activities) and logistics.

IMA Group has launched a series of collaborations, partnerships and projects concerning Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning.

Among the various activities IMA supports AI in the Additive Manufacturing through Inkbit, a startup born from the Computer Science and Artificial Intelligence Laboratory of the Cambridge MIT. The company works on a 3D printer that using Machine Learning techniques is able to correct printing errors in real time, guaranteeing the geometry of the finished product.

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