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IMA Customer Service Portal

Support your service and maintenance operators. IMA Service Portal is the web portal to track the installed base and the right place to report malfunctions and request offers.

IMA Customer Service Portal is available 24/7 with a simple click from any place with a web connection. The use of the Customer Service Portal allows the customer to achieve numerous advantages.​

  • An efficiency increase in the management of the installed base through the use of a single tool; 
  • Download updated line/machine documentation;
  • New request opening to solve problems on the equipment;
  • Standardization of spare parts and upgrade requests through a formalized process and specific ticket forms.

Digital Features


The customer accesses the section dedicated to the installed base with a simple click.​

Within the section, the user can geographically view the installed base, with the possibility of:

  • accessing the technical documentation of each plant *
  • opening new requests of a technical/operational nature.*

* Necessary activate “Requests” and “Technical Documentation” services.


The operator is able to manage the requests of the machines installed base through intuitive navigation,​

with the possibility of: 

  • ​composing draft requests without sending them;
  • exploring the tickets and requests of the open list pending confirmation of resolution.


Through the guided service, the user is autonomous in identifying and solving further problems on the system.

The User Guide suggests a series of operations to carry out to solve the malfunction and restore the production in full autonomy.


The interactive and navigable Spare Parts Catalog allows the operator to immediately identify spare parts and create dedicated lists.​

The generated lists can be exported in an intuitive way and automatically forwarded to the competent office to facilitate the management of requests and proceed with a formal order.​