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IMA Connected Machines • The power of data

Increase the efficiency of your production thanks to all the benefits of digital innovation.

Production has always been the beating heart of the company and a key contributor in the generation of profits. This is even more true today, a historical moment in which Smart Technologies allow the connection to cloud platforms capable of reading their performance and production data.

The raw information can be processed and transformed to bring a concrete benefit to the production itself, allowing a better understanding of what happens inside the lines, thus improving overall efficiency. The reading and interpretation of data also opens the way to predictive maintenance, to avoid the occurrence of damage and malfunctions through a series of corrective actions.

Connecting plants through Smart Manufacturing technologies guarantees a considerable number of advantages:

  • increasing the knowledge of the system;
  • improving production efficiency;
  • planning of corrective actions to optimize processes;
  • avoiding damage and malfunctions by setting predictive strategies.


A4GATE, IMA Sentinel, IMA Data & Control Room and are the services able to support production at 360 degrees.  Through continuous monitoring, IMA Digital platforms allow you to fully control the systems and easily plan maintenance.

  • A4GATE, to protect equipment and sensible information from cyber attacks;
  • IMA Data Room, to collect and store production data in safe places;
  • IMA Sentinel, to know anytime and anywhere what is happening in production;
  • IMA Control Room, to have alerts, reports and 24/7 general support on all your machines.

There are many benefits that IMA Digital Services and Platforms are able to bring to the installed base:

  • Efficiency increase;
  • Optimization of manual interventions;
  • Downtime reduction;
  • Less costs related to spare parts;
  • Plant life cycle extension in the long term.

Increase the plants efficiency

IMA’s monitoring services support the production management by making all information immediately available for a quick and timely decision-making capacity. The digital platforms collect, monitor and analyze in real-time data of individual machines, of one or more production lines within the same factory or belonging to different plants. Advanced algorithms analyze in detail every aspect of production processes and investigate the individual KPIs (relating to alarms, unexpected machine downtime, rejects…).

Prevent damages and unplanned machine downtime

Production is now able to limit potential problems relating to the plants. Thanks to data analysis it is possible to fully understand the operation of each individual process with the aim of:

  • predict and avoid the occurrence of failures and malfunctions;
  • optimize efficiency and production quality.

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In recent years, cyber security has become a dominant theme in the manufacturing world. Hacker attacks are increasingly frequent and put data, systems and people at risk.

The problem is now solved with A4GATE, the integrated hardware and software solution to protect data confidentiality, system operations and operator safety.

A4GATE is the safe place between your smart machines and external remote uncontrolled accesses.


Data Rooms, secure in-cloud environments where production data can be saved, are becoming an increasingly important element in the companies’ production strategy. ​​

IMA Data Room is the in cloud protected and safe virtual space where all information are collected and stored through IIOT technologies and where the data analysis software programs reside.


IMA Sentinel is the platform to autonomously monitor machine conditions in real-time 24/7, collecting raw data and translating them into meaningful and valuable information.

Sentinel provides: Intelligent and dynamic action lists for the operator to help improve efficiency, machine data statistics for smart line harmonization, real average performance for accurate production planning.

Monitor whenever you are your installed base with IMA Sentinel.


The Industry 4.0 model cannot ignore the data and the value they can generate. Connections via digital networks, information organization and interpretation are the ways to obtain optimized production results through event analysis, preventive and predictive maintenance.

IMA Group has carried out various projects regarding the interconnectivity of machines, creating services and products capable of optimizing the user experience of the plants. Thanks to the Control Room services, the customer is able to increase the plant efficiency through the use of detailed reports, specific alerts and general support 24/7 for taking charge of operational problems.

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