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Pubblicato il 03/11/2014


The C-Through single chamber tea bag packaging technology is the best way to highlight ultimate product value.

A totally transparent tea bag both protects and reveals your premium quality product.

C-Through also accomplishes cartoning, processing of flavour-saving  heat-sealed outer envelopes, and includes IMA Tea & Coffee’s established knotting technology for greater environmental awareness.  

The NEW CT30, manufactured by IMA Tea & Coffee Division, represents the latest technological innovation for the packaging of long leaf teas and herbs (Course cut ) in knotted single chamber transparent tea bags with string and tag at a production speed of 300 bags per minute.

The innovative vibrating product feeding system allows the machine to easily run non free-flowing products drastically reducing product degradation and thereby preserving the best product quality.

The single chamber teabag can either be produced with woven or nonwoven filter material, sealed by means of ultrasound technique that guarantees a discerning, top quality product.

To preserve the aroma of delicate and top quality teas and herbs, the CT30 can be equipped with a group for heatsealed outer envelopes able to run  transparent polypropylene thus allowing a totally “c-through” product.  

To complete the whole production cycle the new CT30 can be equipped with an automatic cartoning attachment available in two different versions according to the carton style required.

To guarantee high efficiency and a fully reliable product quality, the new CT30 offers the best technical solutions to control constantly the whole working cycle and to achieve a top quality product such as the single bag rejection unit , the packaging material automatic splicing and an accurate automatic product weight control and adjustment. 


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