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The Families Project: together to restore dignity and autonomy

The "Progetto Famiglie" by Antoniano Onlus was born in early 2016 in response to the problem of new forms of poverty in the Bologna area and, in particular, to support families in need.

Pubblicato il 10/12/2016

Antoniano Onlus "Progetto Famiglie" (The Families Project)

These are families pointed out by social workers because they are gradually slipping below the poverty line and need help to cope with day-to-day needs.

To this end, new services have been activated, which will be strengthened and developed over the course of 2017, including:

  • an evening canteen for families open every Monday night to help them meet and become more aware of what the Onlus is trying to do;
  • training workshops and job placement internships to strengthen and

ensure the economic independence of the parents;

  • a micro-finance fund to help parents support small day-to-day expenses such as a bus pass, electricity bill or school supplies for children.

IMA has decided to become a partner of the Progetto Famiglie of Antoniano Onlus with a donation towards the creation of 47 welcome and support paths, accounting for one third of the project’s overall objective.

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