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Seeing is believing

Seeing is Believing represents an interactive way of discovering IMA technologies and the countless benefits our equipment can offer to companies processing and packaging products for the Food&Dairy industry.

A collection of short videos filmed specially to illustrate the key aspects of each solution or to take a closer look at a specific technology, the reason behind a new concept or to learn of an innovation that has just been released.

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Once your registration is approved, we will send you confirmation via email containing a link to access the full video library. You will then be able to browse and select what interests you. While viewing each video, you can also ask questions using an online form. Our experts will answer you by writing to the email address you leave us during registration.

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Watch IMA Innovations in the Food & Dairy market

PDP HS – I20
Pressing and wrapping line for soup cubes

5 min
Davide Giordano

IMA Corazza latest innovation for pressed soup cubes packaging: a high-speed line for pressing and wrapping soup cubes reaching a speed of up to 2,000 cubes/minute.

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PDP HS – I20 <br>Pressing and wrapping line for soup cubes