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Rupp Austria GmbH and IMA Corazza • Decades of partnership and growth

What do fast cars and cheese have in common?

Some people fall for the lines of a Ferrari, others resist the temptation and after nearly 50 years since buying the first IMA Corazza machine, they know exactly why they made the right choice for their cheese processing lines.

Actually, it was Josef Rupp’s mother who made that choice back in 1973 when she was in Bologna searching for a solution that would support the Austrian company’s evolution. Rupp Austria GmbH has a history spanning over a century and in the 70s the two families, Rupp and Corazza, crossed paths, each with a vision of modernising production technologies, a shared vision which has kept them together as partners even today.

From the early beginnings when grandfather Rupp was making special cheeses in the mountains near Lake Constance, todays production has reached 60,000 tons exported to more than 60 countries worldwide. Evolving into such a large company with production facilities across Europe and in China, the technology required has to be premium, offering high-performance solutions in a cost-efficient way. This is where IMA Corazza was – and still is – able to satisfy the demands of Rupp AG for the packaging of processed cheese in various weights and sizes.

Flexibility, customer-oriented relations, tailored solutions and the ability to cater for upstream and downstream needs thanks to the broad experience IMA has acquired in so many fields; these are the benefits that have consolidated this business relationship, a long story that Josef Rupp tells with a big smile in this short interview we had the pleasure of making recently.

For a more technical insight into the line configuration, which incorporates all stages from dosing and filling up to cartoning and end-of-line equipment, read this short article here>>



Rupp Austria GmbH

Founded in 1908, Rupp is the largest family-owned company in the Austrian dairy industry and offers processed and natural cheese specialities under the Rupp and Alma brands. The company is also active in the B2B segment. With over 750 employees, Rupp will achieve a turnover of 250 million euros in 60 sales countries in 2021. The main factory is located in Hörbranz and was put into operation in 2008.


IMA Corazza

Since 1954 IMA Corazza, headquartered in Bologna (Italy), is the world leading name for dairy and convenience food packaging equipment, offering complete solutions to dose, wrap and box processed & cream cheese, butter, yeast, paste & pressed soup cube.

A specialist for marketing-oriented solutions, IMA Corazza is also renowned for prompt and reliable customer service.

IMA Corazza is part of IMA Group since 2011.