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Communication and cooperation with our suppliers are two key factors in our business strategy.

Building and expanding partnership with our suppliers

The purchase of goods and proc:urement of materials needed for prcxluction is a proc:ess that is subject to great change. As a company with a strong focus on international operations we are committed to establishing and maintaining dependable, long-term business relationships with suppliers. We work closely with our suppliers to
meet and sacisfy market demand. IMA DAIRY & FOOD is interested in cooperacing with qualified, dependable, and flexible supphers.

Now and in the future we are committed to building and expanding our partnerships with our best suppliers and their proven and innovative prcxlucts, and are equally interested in setting up new contacts.

Procurement Philosophy

Our purchasing philosophy is that a successful cooperation is always based on a partnership. Accordingfy, we never view our suppliers simply as suppliers, but as partners.

We aim to set up long-term business relationships with our partners.. In order to establish an effective partnership, 1t is essential that both sides work together to optimize quality and proc:esses.. This close cooperation forms the basis for a sustairnble win-win situation.

Supplier Management

Our supplier management is based on a clearly defmed commodity management

Purchasing Portfolio

Our purchasing portfolio focuses on the following prcxluct groups:

  • equipment, auxiliary materials and operating supply item
  • external services
  • semi-finished prcxlucts
  • mechanical standard parts
  • electrical and electronical pam
  • prcxluction pam
  • components
  • commcxlity/functional unity
  • departmenr requirements