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The P300 is a compact and modular form, fill and seal machine for portion cups for multiple food and dairy applications. Offering efficiency at low operational costs, it represents a complete solution when equipped with integrated case packaging systems.
Maximum accuracy, minimum downtime
timer Up to 54.000 cups/hour
M-F Series
M-F Series
Huge value, small footprint
timer Up to 21.600 cups/hour
EF600 and EF825 are FFS machines with an exceedingly high output, a benchmark in terms of durability. An ample variety of packaging shapes and materials is possible, and - thanks to a wider bottom web - scrap rate is significantly less.
The reliable, heavy duty FFS machine
timer Up to 80.400 cups/hour
The EF 400 is a high-output FFS machine able to process a huge variety of pasty to liquid products, including multi-layer, and enabling cup design and labelling versatility, leading to significant savings on packaging materials.
Versatility in every sense
timer Up to 43.200 cups/hour
The C800 is a high-performance FFS machine ensuring optimum hygienic standards, intelligent technological solutions and high cycle speeds to optimise production costs. Able to handle a huge variety of cup shapes, C800 also ensures high filling accuracy.
High filling accuracy. Optimum working width.
timer Up to 86.400 cups/hour
The C500 is a medium to high output FFS machine for cups, ensuring increased efficiency, accuracy and great flexibility. Handles a wide variety of cup shapes including dual cavity cups. The C500 is available in the hygiene classes 'clean' up to 'aseptic'.
Optimum hygiene standards
timer Up to 57.600 cups/hour
The C300 is a medium-output form, fill and seal machine for cups ensuring increased efficiency, accuracy and great flexibility. The FFS machine C300 is available in clean design up to full aseptic FDA level.
More efficiency, availability, flexibility
timer Up to 36.000 cups/hour
The C100 is the compact, high quality entry machine for cups with a low output. This form, fill and seal machine stands for multiple food and dairy applications.
Maximum accuracy, excellent accessibility
timer Up to 7.000 cups/hour
Smart Cup
Smart Cup
SMART CUP is a continuous motion FFS machine based on a rotary platform providing maximum flexibility with regards to cup shape and size. The rotary design provides time for filling and time for sealing, which cannot be achieved on an indexing machine.
Be inspired by the overwhelming rotary revolution
timer Up to 24.000 cups/hour
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