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Food & Dairy Products Portfolio

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Everything gained in years of experience and expertise in the industry has been carefully channelled into PREXIMA, IMA Active's series of tablet press machines. Available in three models, PREXIMA is the best solution to handle all production volumes.
All our skills. Compressed.
timer Up to 17,400 tablets/minute
ROTO MIX is the latest generation high shear granulator. Inspired by the consolidated Roto technology existing since the 1980s, ROTO MIX ensures the optimum shear for granulation at all speeds.
Granulation at its best.
Versatility and high performance are the hallmarks of IMA Active’s bin tumblers. CYCLOPS ensures efficient mixing thanks to its 15° rotation axis while reducing process time.
Blending at its best.
Prime technology, intelligent design, enduring reliability. ARIA’s compact GMP design makes processing smooth and highly efficient, achieves outstanding results and requires little maintenance.
The prime element in fluid bed processing.
Ideal for wet or dry products, IMILL can operate either as free-standing equipment or integrated in other equipment control systems. Driven by centrifugal acceleration, IMILL ensures quick calibrating milling with minimum noise.
Make your process run smoothly.
Developed in 1984, ROTO CUBE is the benchmark for single-pot granulation. Accurate detection of the wet granulation end-point, tilting bowl and gas stripping (GA.ST.) during vacuum drying all ensure highly efficient processes and premium quality granules.
All in one bowl.
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