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Post published on 31/01/2016

Organic boom: Triballat-Noyal turns to IMA Erca

The French dairy producer Triballat-Noyal together with packaging machine manufacturer IMA Erca has developed a new 125g cup for its organic brand Vrai.

What’s special about this cup is a curvilinear square bottom, making it easier to spoon out the yoghurt. The cup is made of environmentally efficient polystyrene (PS) foil. On top of that, IMA Erca worked closely with the customer to modernise the design to draw the consumers’ eye more strongly to the organic product. And successfully so; the brand reported a significant spike in market share upon its relaunch.

The Vrai cups are produced in the new Triballat plant in Noyal-sur-Vilaine in Brittany. The plant opened in spring 2015 and is already producing 25,000 tonnes of organic products per year in about 10,000 square metres of floor area during normal operations. To achieve this kind of performance, the dairy group also invested in a new forming, filling and sealing machine by IMA Erca. The EF 320L can process 20,000 cups per hour. Triballat is using the FFS machine in its ultra-clean hygienic area.

Environmental awareness and sustainability have been priorities of the company philosophy of Triballat-Noyal since it was founded in the 1950s. The group now has 17 companies, eight of which are certified for organic production. In 2008 Triballat was granted the French environmental award Ecotop for its ecological concept.