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VFFS hygienic machine

VEGATRONIC 6400: top performing bagger machine

The Vegatronic 6400HD is an evolution of IMA Ilapak’s top performing Vegatronic 6000 bagger, which has been developed and adapted to meet the specific demands of the meat (IQF) and produce (both IQF and fresh) industries in terms of sanitary design, accessibility, fast changeover and OEE.

Open frame design, IP66 rated electrical components, easily removable forming tube and a cantilever film reel shaft are among the features that combine to make the Vegatronic 6400HD the most efficient and hygienic bagger on the market today. The Sanitary design has been achieved by keeping aluminium components to a minimum (moving parts only) and using high quality stainless steel for the majority of parts. The film reel carriage, film rollers and bearings, for example, are all full stainless-steel construction.

Thoughtful engineering has resulted in a machine that has minimal flat surfaces and recesses where dust and debris can accumulate. All parts on the main frame of the bagger are made from rounded components, the splicing table and forming tube support are inclined, the top of the electrical cabinet is sloped and the protective plate above the bagger is apex shaped.

The Vegatronic 6400HD is also a full washdown bagger, all electronic and electrical parts are sealed to IP66 or higher and the Open Frame architecture allows ready access for cleaning. The open frame design also maximises uptime, as engineers and operators have full accessibility to the front and side of the machine, which makes for easy maintenance.

Efficiency on the Vegatronic 6400HD has been enhanced in a number of ways. The splicing table is vacuum assisted, making it very quick to operate, the forming tube is mounted on a swivel arm for easy removal and the film reel shaft is both pneumatically activated and cantilever–making film reel changeovers much quicker than on machines with a drop-in shaft.

The machine is designed with short drop heights to prevent breakage of brittle frozen products and support high speed operation. This solution is targeted to the needs of the IQF protein and produce market but is also well suited to cheese – indeed any market that has stringent hygiene requirements. The ideal solution for medium/large bags, it can produce pillow packs with or without MAP with a maximum film width of 830mm from laminated films, HDPE, LDPE or biodegradable and compostable materials.

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