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Delta 3000
MAP flow wrapper

PC controlled flow wrapping machine equipped with long dwell technology for modified atmosphere (MAP)

With its heavy duty, hygienic design, the Delta 3000 is fast becoming the flow wrapper of choice for the fast-growing chilled sector, where it is used to pack everything from sandwiches, pies and cheese portions to fresh fruit & veg, meat, poultry and fish. IMA ILAPAK is currently experiencing particularly high demand from producers of sandwiches and hand-held snacks thanks to the Delta 3000’s ability to accommodate complex laminates, paper films and recyclable PE and PP mono-films with its long dwell sealing technology.

The Delta 3000 has a long dwell sealing head which is capable of running films that a rotary sealing system simply cannot handle. Paper films are notoriously difficult to run on flow wrappers because of their structure – applying heat evenly and efficiently to achieve a hermetic seal is made difficult by the thermal insulating properties of the top paper layer. IMA ILAPAK has overcome this by deploying special geometry surface treated sealing jaws in conjunction with consolidated long dwell technology.

At the same time, the Delta 3000 meets the chilled food industry’s stringent hygiene requirements by enabling full wash down capability, even of the sealing elements. This has been achieved through full stainless steel execution, isolating the electrical cabinet from the main machine frame and smooth, sloping surfaces without recesses. 

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