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Post published on 25/06/2021

Interview with Patrick Carroll - A view insight IMA DAIRY & FOOD USA

How do you manage to offer a good service to a country of this size?

Strategically placed service engineers are essential for quick response and providing service to our customers all across the United States in a timely manner. We have personnel based all over the country, but many of them reside in centrally-located states. This central location allows for considerably shorter flight times directly to all of our customer sites. Our Area Sales Managers are also based in their respective area regions across the country to ensure faster communication and easier travel to client locations.

What do you particularly appreciate about your team?

We have a diverse and self-sufficient group with open minds who are always willing to learn and meet new challenges. Most importantly, we all share a customer-first attitude. I know that I can always rely on my team to make independent decisions based first and foremost in the best interest of our customer. Each person in our group is also communication and detail-oriented, providing all information thoroughly so that providing my support, when needed, is seamless and efficient.

Have there been any particular successes in your country? If yes, which ones?

Expanding our main customer base and machine portfolio over the past 5 years has been a major accomplishment for our team. We have been working with a lot of new companies and are looking forward to even more in the near future. We are very excited that  Hassia  has introduced the F600 stick pack machine and we have sold over 15 new units in just over a year. In addition, we have introduced a brand new equipment line with the first ever Fillshape machine that was installed in the United States in 2019, with more to come in 2022.

What requirements must a packaging machine fullfill before it can be operated in the USA?

All of our IMA Dairy & Food equipment is designed in accordance with local and federal regulations in North America. Our machines meet expectations for FDA and 3A designs.


Do packaging machines from IMA DAIRY & FOOD have a high degree of recognition among American packaging companies?

The IMA Dairy & Food group is comprised of several legacy companies that have over 120 years of history building, servicing, and delivering equipment globally.


Are there any well-known companies that work withpackaging machines from IMA DAIRY & FOOD? 

IMA Dairy & Food provides service and equiment to over a dozen well-known household names. There are a tremendous number of products consumed every day coming off the IMA Dairy & Food family of machines.

What transport options are there for transporting the machines from Europe to the United States and how long does such transport take?

We have a great partnership with the Janel group for transportation coordination and we handle all of our customer’s delivery needs from door to door. Most equipment is typically delivered via ship due to its size and on average takes about 30 days to arrive at its final destination. IMA Dairy & Food is happy to provide and organize this delivery service so there is no concern for the customer. After the European plant factory acceptance, our customer can expect their new machine just a few weeks later, arriving alongside our expert service team to assist with offloading, installation and commissioning so that production can begin as quickly as possible.

Patrick Carroll