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Post published on 11/07/2017

Increase in yoghurt consumption in Saudi Arabia: Almarai expands capacities with IMA Dairy&Food GASTI

The leading Saudi Arabian food corporation Almaraihas commissioned two additional cup filling and sealing machines manufactured by IMA Dairy&Food GASTI. The newly developed CONTITHERM 162machines are among the most highly productive of their kind in the world. This means that the Saudi Arabian corporation now has a total of 19 IMA Dairy&Food GASTI machines in operation.                                                                                          

Schwäbisch Hall, Germany, 8 March 2017. The dairy product business continues to flourish in the Gulf region. This has prompted the Saudi Arabian food producer Almarai to expand capacities in its dairy division by purchasing two CONTITHERM 162 high-performance cup filling and sealing machines manufactured by IMA Dairy&Food GASTI. The company already has machines from the CONTITHERM 123 series in operation.

The CONTITHERM 162 also features a high level of automation and exceptionally accurate dosing, as well as being straightforward and efficient to operate and clean.

The Saudi Arabian corporation Almarai has been working with companies in the IMA Group for many years now. GASTI alone has already supplied the company with 17 cup filling machines from the CONTITHERM 123 series. The IMA subsidiaries Benhil, Corazza and Hassia have supplied Almarai with machines for the manufacture of single portion butter packages in the past, with Corazza supplying a large number of wrapping machines and Erca supplying a form, fill and seal machine for filling cream cheese into cups.