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IMA Dairy&Food at IPACK-IMA 2018

IMA D&F will be at the IPACK-IMA to present the latest developments in the food and dairy industry. We'll have our MULTIPACK 2000 and P500 on display, and we're going to present the never-before-seen FLEX CUP, a state-of-the-art filling and sealing machine. Come visit us!

Format flexible machine

Dosing and wrapping machine

  • Compact footprint – easy to place
  • Fast changeover less than 30 minutes (in terms of size from 50 gr to 500 gr)
  • High filling accuracy and high efficiency rate
  • Cost effective solution for price sensitive/emerging markets
  • High hygienic requirements
  • Bottom-fold style wrapping

Forming, filling and sealing for portion packs

  • High-performance equipment for clean, ultra-clean and aseptic hygienic standards.
  • Low-waste punch unit for minimal punch waste and reduced material consumption.
  • Evenly calibrated heating of forming material for optimum wall thickness.
  • Precise product cut-off and gentle product handling.
  • Able to handle a large variety of materials such as PS, PET and PP.
  • Optimised packaging configurations for volume savings.

Reserve your seat for an exclusive overview of the new FLEX CUP!

A public FLEX CUP overview will be held by the machine’s own Sales Manager everyday at 11:00 AM.

By filling the form you will also have access to a free, exclusive presentation and one-on-one session with our Sales Manager, to further elaborate on specific features through multimedia resources.

Book your place now for your exclusive FLEX CUP presentation!