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Latest innovations

FLEX CUP: Filling & Sealing machine.

FLEX CUP is the new format flexible indexing platform for pre-formed cups, utilising new technology enhances the available options and ease of operation and maintenance procedures. Modular in design with stainless construction and servo operations allows for flexibility with filling stations, pre fill and post fill for wet or dry ingredients, chainless solution for the cup transportation enable format flexibility and precision index positioning throughout the machine. Built with opportunities up to Ultra Clean standards as well as the efficiency options needs for cups, heat seal and re-closable lids.

Filling & Sealing Technology Portfolio

Presented at: Anuga FoodTec, USA Open House and IPack-IMA.

Today’s portfolio for Filling & Sealing is complete with an extensive, highly functional range of solutions.
Developed according to real market needs, which span from reliable, practical equipment offering good quality standards and making economic sense to high-speed, ultra-high-performance machinery integrating the latest technologies and premium features direct from our R&D department.

In response to new market trends and a demand for superior flexibility, the filling and sealing machines now cover the request for top-level hygienic conditions while maintaining their most versatile qualities in terms of cup or box size and shape as well as taking into account the processed product. Today, we are able to offer a selection of cross-market solutions adapted to more than one category to provide customers with maximum flexibility and satisfaction all the way down the line.

All Filling & Sealing inline solutions can be integrated with End of Line packaging systems, both integral or remote system, for all secondary packaging requirements.

Pouch filling machine

  • Leaking test available: it’s the only machine on the market able to control the sealing of the pouch
  • “Filling through the spout” system: the spout is sealed on the pouch before filling
  • Continuous motion machine
  • Flexible system to handle film and spout/cap from different suppliers
  • Shape and size format changeover in 15 minutes

Evolution Cube: the 4th dimension of Dairy & Food

IMA is leading the evolution of the dairy and food industry.
Catch up with innovation by visiting us at our fairs and events.

Anuga Foodtec

20-23 March 2018 • Cologne (Germany)
Hall 7.1 – Booth A040-B041

USA Open House

15-17 May, 2018
Leominster, Massachusetts 01453 (USA).


29 May – 1 June 2018 • Milan (Italy)
Hall 5 – Booth B11/C14