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IMA Active • Solid Dose Solutions

IMA Active is the ideal partner for each solid dose processing phase: granulation, tableting, capsule filling and banding, weight checking, coating, handling and washing.

IMA Active division: ground-breaking technologies.

Powder handling, dosing, mixing, granulating, compressing or filling. Coating of cores, should they be tablets, small pellets, almonds, or chocolate units.

An extensive range of technical solutions has been developed by IMA Active through the years, mainly for pharmaceutical applications but also for the nutraceutical or chemical industry. But more than this, it’s the know how, or, better, the “know why” behind the technical solutions themselves that makes IMA Active equipment suitable for any application.

Just play with machine working parameters on the user friendly HMI, change few details on machine configuration, and here is a performing and reliable installation for confectionery.

Your partner for excellence, IMA Active not only provides a vast selection of integrated equipment but also a host of tailored solutions for specific installations. IMA Active laboratories in Italy and USA offer test support for the development and set-up of products and process solutions.

IMA Active’s machines mean:

  • Flexible configuration
  • Fast changeover
  • Energy saving
  • Easy cleaning operations
  • Parameters control