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IMA Brands in the Food & Dairy market

The greatest Food & Dairy packaging expertise in one place with decades of experience in packaging technologies will make IMA your privileged partner for the most effective solutions and the deepest understanding of your real needs.

As a global company with manufacturing plants and sales and service companies worldwide, 
IMA DAIRY&FOOD develops, manufactures and sells both individual machines as well as
complete packaging lines for the dairy and food industries.

IMA Active is the ideal partner for each solid dose processing phase: granulation, tableting, capsule filling and banding, weight checking, coating, handling and washing.

IMA Safe Logo

IMA Safe division manufactures a complete range of packaging machines, tube fillers and cartoners and provides complete end-of-line solutions.

IMA BFB Division boasts a long tradition in the design and manufacture of handling and end of line machines (tray packing, wrapping and bundling machines employing heat-seal and heat-shrink films as well as case packing machines and palletisers), which represent the ideal solutions for the food & dairy market.

Revisioni Industriali is the only company able to use original IMA spare parts and to certify overhauled machines as having the same “Quality” and “Reliability” as IMA machines. The company has great experience in overhauling of butter and processed cheese packaging lines.

GIMA occupies a leading position in the food & dairy market and it covers all aspects of the secondary packaging process: it provides equipment for cartoning, overwrapping and display boxing packaging.