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Post published on 31/01/2016

AK Gida Relies on Hassia

The dairy producer AK Gida, a subsidiary of Turkey’s largest food group, Ülker, markets more than 20 different dairy products, from cheese and butter to homogenized milk and powdered milk, all the way to yoghurt and pudding. The dairy producer, whose brands also include Petit Suisse, a cream cheese product made of pasteurized cow’s milk enriched with a wisp of cream, is one of the leading manufacturers in the Turkish market. For strengthening its production capacities in the cream cheese segment even further AK Gida turned to the latest machine technology from Hassia, a form, fill and seal machine with an aseptic dosing system.

Maximum Efficiency

The FFS machine from Hassia is distinguished by its reliability and high rate of efficiency. It produces 54,000 45-gram cups per hour at a nominal output of 30 strokes per minute. “This output has allowed us to increase our production capacity several times over, even as we reduced our downtime”, states Ömer Murat Gümüşdağ. AK Gida also enjoys improved flexibility; in addition to handling Petit Suisse, the machine can switch over to the 35-gram cups used to make the Smartt brand chocolate pudding when necessary.

Both the cream cheese and the pudding cups are manufactured in 6-pack units (30-up format). The 6-pack units are provided with perforated snap-lines to allow the cups to be separated easily. The tool is designed for “low-waste” perforation with trimming and star-shaped punching. “This offers us more than maximum efficiency; it promotes the environmentally friendly manufacture of our products”, summarizes AK Gida’s Ömer Murat Gümüşdağ.

Steam Disinfection 

To ensure the quality of the product, the FFS machine comes in the “Hygienic Active” version for the active disinfection of the bottom web and lid material. In other words, steam is used to disinfect the wrapping materials, which are then passed on in a tunnel with sterile air overpressure until the cups are sealed to prevent re-infection. In addition, a membrane valve dosing system (CIP/SIP-capable) in aseptic design featuring 30 filling nozzles is integrated and a gas flushing of the cup headspace takes place. “This ensures the highest hygienic demands are met and guarantees an optimal product protection with the best-possible quality assurance”, emphasizes Ömer Murat Gümüşdağ of AK Gida.

“I believe we’ve really made the best possible choice here,” Ömer Murat Gümüşdağ from AK Gida sums up. “We have the ideal setup for our cream cheese production. Once again, further investment in a Hassia machine has paid off!“

About AK Gida

The dairy producer AK Gida is headquartered in Istanbul and operates additional production sites in Sakarya, Lüleburgaz, Karaman, Kahramanmaraş and Aydın. The company manufactures cheese, yoghurt, pasteurized milk, cream cheese, butter and other products under its own brand names, such as İçim, Smartt, Alpella and Dolcia. AK Gida employs a workforce of 2,500 and is part of Ülker Gıda Sanayi ve Ticaret A.Ş. (Ülker), the largest food and beverage group in Turkey and one of the ten largest candy producers in the world, measured by sales.