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IMA Group People

Apart from our standards of excellence, our main plus are our people. With their unstinting efforts, day after day, they contribute to the attainment of first-class products in their unending search to achieve the Group's goals.

Technologies quickly become a commodity, whereas people are the key to lasting success; the processes we use to form and develop skills are our strategic asset

Massimo Ferioli
IMA Group Organisation Director 

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Our values

Team work

All the company’s employees feel that they are part of a group, sharing the same goals and the same guidelines within a global vision of company objectives, each and every one of them with a strong feeling of contributing to the overall work process.



Our competitive market creates an exciting and stimulating environment, full of opportunities. If you aim to grow professionally and have a spirit of initiative, this is the right environment for you.


The individual desire to acquire new experiences and skills through a constant personal development path is the driving force behind our daily push for improvement.



Our customer care is based on trust and on our ability to listen and understand their needs. We are reliable, we deliver and offer clear advice to help them always make the right decision.

Find out about the experience of those who have already joined the IMA Group

Arnab Ganguly
IMA Life North America PhD Technology Manager

Debora Fazioli
IMA HR Specialist

Dario Limongelli
IMA Safe Technical Service

Simone Quadri
IMA HR Specialist

Sara Bambi
IMA Software Engineer

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