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Awards and commendations • IMA Group

In line with the Code of Ethics, IMA guarantees equal opportunities, protection and enhancement of the Company’s human resources, wherever they operate, recognizing that they are a primary factor in the Company’s success.

The IMA Group has won the Top Employers Italy 2019 certification, the outcome of a study carried out by the responsible organisation using an independent methodology and based on objective data, that has acknowledged the excellent working conditions for IMA Group employees, training and development policies throughout the company and workforce management strategies, thereby proving to be a leader in HR, committed to continuous improvement in HR policies and best practice.

Amongst the 102 certified Italian companies, IMA is one of the newly certified ones: in practice certified companies join an exclusive community, capable of attracting talents, but also of keeping high levels of productivity and competitiveness thanks to policies aimed at high-quality work.

David Plink, CEO of the Top Employers Institute, has stated: “Top Employers 2019 certified companies have proved to be able to offer extraordinary working conditions for their employees and to develop a people-centred HR strategy. These companies help to enrich the workplace with their exceptional commitment to the excellence of human resources and are thus acknowledged as being Employers of Choice”.

The IMA Group is part of the Gender Label companies in the Metropolitan City of Bologna and in the Provinces of Modena and Ferrara, a project for the development of Social Responsibility, with a strong focus on gender policies, which envisages a “reward system” acknowledging, on the one hand, the commitment of responsible firms and, on the other, acting as a stimulus for replication over the area.

The following are the requirements for inclusion in the register: equal pay for equal work, equal access/non-discrimination, equal opportunities to keep one’s job during one’s life stages (early retirement, dropping out), capacity building opportunities/equal opportunities for career advancement to positions of responsibility and leadership, equal horizontal distribution (between areas) and vertical distribution (between job grades, all the way up to the governing bodies), work-life balance practices for men and women, transfer of good gender practices to other firms within the same territory.

Massimo Ferioli - IMA Group Organization Director

The 2018 “Responsible Innovators” prize, pursuant to Art. 17 of Regional Law 14/2014 for the Promotion of Investment in Emilia Romagna, has the objective of fostering a culture of Corporate Social Responsibility and Responsible Innovation, supporting projects of local companies which aim to reach the 17 UN Sustainable Development Goals (Global Goals) of the Agenda 2030 adopted by 193 nations in 2015.

The IMA Group won the first prize in the category of companies with more than 250 employees with “Breaking the glass ceiling, a personalised team coaching path targeted at female employees in senior positions, aimed at increasing the presence of women with high level roles.

On the same day, IMA won the 2018 GED Award, the Gender Equality and Diversity Award, given to the best practice identified amongst the entities with an outstanding commitment to the promotion of positive action in favour of equal opportunities within their structure and organization.

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