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Post published on 26/07/2019

About the IMA training catalogue: planning and training that encompass “doing and knowing how to do”

Training is an essential factor not only for the growth and professional development of people but also for the growth of the company value. Training plays a fundamental role for IMA and the 106,000 hours of training provided during 2018 to over 2,600 resources are proof of this. 

The IMA Training Catalogue was created in 2016 and represents the tool through which the Organizational Development takes shape. Targeted to the Managers of the Group, the catalogue is a way to evaluate and to provide their team members with the proper training, in line with their role and task.

The training catalogue is a structured compendium that offers more than 250 training courses divided in 10 main thematic areas such as Safety & Security, Quality & Compliance, Information and Communication Technology, Languages, Production, Engineering, Sales, Soft Skills, Cross, and Tech.

The tool is continuously updated both for the type of courses available and for the methodological approach.

The Organizational Development Office, together with the support of a specialized Technical Advisor, periodically evaluate the need and the relative introduction of new technical courses in line with the market trend, in order to upgrade the employees’ skills in a consistent manner.

The methodological approach changes systematically along with the typology of the course: from therole-play, to the analysis of case studiesand guided simulations, to group discussions. All these different approaches allow a better involvement of the participants as well as an active experimentation of what just learned. In fact, it is through practical experience that people can really engage and experience group dynamics and make training a moment of confrontation and learning.

Our goal is to combine and interpret “doing and knowing how to do” within the IMA world.

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