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Post published on 29/05/2019

Training outcomes of IMA Group in 2018: numbers that speak

IMA Group provided 106,000 hours of classroom training and activated 240 “I’M A Potential”courses in 2018.
More precisely, 2,661 resources have benefited from this training experience in just one year, with an average of 40 hours per head.

This training commitment demonstrates once again the attention of IMA Group toward the professional growth of its resources. The aim is to update skills, develop and strengthen the professionalism of the employees in order to let them grow with and within the Group.

The most covered themes in the classroom concern design activities with courses mainly aimed at technical offices followed by languages courses and specific courses in the production areas such as assembly and logistics departments.    

Particularly worth mentioning is also the theme of Health, Safe and Environment in the company, for which IMA provide additional courses with respect to those required by law. The idea is to increase knowledge and awareness about these sensitive topics, thus promoting a progressive participation of the employees and strengthening the corporate culture.

More than 20.000 hours have been provided in the form of Training on the Job, the coaching activity carried out by senior colleagues within the I’M A Potentialmaster class dedicated to all new employees. In 2018, 240 courses were activated, allowing and ensuring the new resources to be better focused on their new role.

IMA Group has also welcomed more than 120 trainees involved in the “alternation school-job” project coming from the neighboring Higher Technical Institutes and from the Universities of Emilia Romagna in curricular training, both for thesis and post-thesis.