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Post published on 12/04/2021

TMC provided Sevinçler with D-NAMIC stacker & bagger

In the middle of COVID hard restrictions, TMC successfully completed a special Factory Acceptance Test of D-NAMIC stacker and bagger, for its valuable new customer Sevinçler Sağlık Ürünleri A.Ş. The test was carried out at the plant of an important nonwovens hygienic products converting lines manufacturer, thus simulating the real production conditions.

Sevinçler entered the hygienic sector with the production of baby diapers in 2011 and in 2012 invested for the production of adult diapers, wet wipes and hygienic pads. After a few years, the Company started the production of underpads, continuing its investment with the adult pants production line, which only a few others have in Turkey. Sevinçler is now one of the most important producers in the Nonwovens sector.

To accomplish the manufacturing requests of such an ambitious producer, D-NAMIC was the perfect fit.
This automatic stacking and bagging machine is a primary packaging solution for baby and adult diapers in pre-formed bags.

Its relevant speed (up to 130 bags/minute in dual lane) and the range of processable dimensions are a complete response to the demands of diapers packaging.

From baby open diapers to bed mats and other soft disposable hygienic products: all product sizes can be handled by D-NAMIC. The modular concept and the intensive regard in the realization of the various groups allowed TMC to obtain a constructive simplicity and a much-appreciated accessibility. The optimal and consistent quality of the product is the result of the total operations control that D-NAMIC allows on the packaging process.

D-NAMIC’s testing for Sevinçler was carried out directly on the manufacturing line, complete of the converting and packaging machine. Needless to say: in terms of experience, the real production conditions are always on top of the list and the chance for machine manufacturers, converting experts and packaging experts to exchange experiences and knowledge “hands on” under the same roof, is an enormous hallmark.

Usually, during a normal installation of a brand new complete line at final customer’s site, only the strictly required personnel is involved, but at the machine manufacturers’ premises, the complete team of designers, engineers both mechanical and software, is available and willing to cooperate to get the maximum of the production line.

Also for sales management, the chance to meet the counterpart in such an environment is a great occasion for exchanging at all levels, including real time common feedback from final customers.

TMC wishes the best manufacturing experience to its valuable Turkish customer Sevinçler.



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